Exam Procedure

Before the Exam

  • Fill out the patient forms prior to apt. You can bring it with you or email them to knoxvillethermography@gmail.com
  • No Smoking for a minimum of 2 hrs. before apt.
  • No Vigorous Exercise 2 hrs. prior to apt.
  • No Massage, Chiropractic Adjustments, or Physical Therapy the day of the scan.
  • Avoid the application of creams/lotions, perfume/cologne, etc…
  • Avoid strong sunlight the day of your apt and sunburn in the days preceding your apt.
  • Remove all jewelry and earrings
  • Long hair should be worn up.
  • Wear loose clothing to your apt. The thermography scan will be delayed until irritation marks in the skin caused my tight-fitting garments have dissipated.

Please arrive a few minutes early to your apt. Your body will need to adjust to the temperature in the clinic. Once you arrive, you will be given a gown to change into as you will be disrobing down to your underwear. Speedo type garments and thongs are appropriate for both men and women.

Your Thermographer will explain and demonstrate the required views and positions necessary for your scan. Thermal images will be taken of either the whole body or just the areas of interest.

You are welcome to bring a friend or partner in the imaging room for the scan.